Our Beginning

Xanh Entertainment LLC is founded in 2021 at Portland, Oregon. Initially, Xanh was a music speaker water bottle company. In 2023, Xanh evolved into a technology and gaming company. Our Company embarks on the development of casual, free-to-play games and apps for users. Our players and app users earn points they can exchange for live rewards.

What is Xanh? ☀️☀️☀️

The word "Xanh" is pronounced "Sun" in English. The word "Xanh" means Green in Vietnamese. "Xanh" symbolizes light, inspiration and a commitment to innovation.

#Stay Upbeat & Hydrated

Xanh is building a platform to promote healthy lifestyle and more green world. We partnered with local businesses to offer the Stay Upbeat & Hydrated program. Players can visit their favorite local participating stores to refill their water bottle and checkout with their earned points.